Why I Love Fat and Why You Need More Of It

Fat is your body’s preferred fuel source for endurance sports. It delivers more than twice the amount of energy than sugar and you have an infinite supply of it no matter how lean you are. 1 gram of fat gives you 9 kcal energy whereas 1 gram of carbohydrate gives just 3.75 kcal energy.

Did you know that your pre-training foods affect how you burn fat? If you eat a what used to be considered a “healthy” breakfast before training such as oatmeal with a banana and juice that you will in effect be programming your body to burn sugar. Instead eat more protein and fat with some carbs and you will feel your energy last much longer. My preference would be 2-3 whole eggs with potato, avocado and butter.

Did you know that unless you are training with a heart rate monitor in zones measured scientifically to be correct for you, that you are likely training your body to burn sugar and become less efficient? By using your heart-rate monitor to control the “stress” of each workout you can train your body to gain endurance and speed, guaranteed. Just wearing the heart rate monitor is not enough. Most people have zero idea what heart rates to train at. TRIO lactate testing solves this by telling you what your optimal fat burning zones are and how to train in it to build your aerobic engine.