Fat Adapted Nutrition

Every year there is a new fad or craze when it comes to nutrition. Even ingredients seem to get their moment of fame these days! Being “fat-adapted” is the new buzz on the nutrition scene but it’s something I started doing myself and with certain athletes 20 years ago in 1997.
When done correctly under expert supervision you can expect the following benefits :
* Improve your performance
* Get a leaner physique
* Drop Fat and weight
* Increase energy
* Lose the cravings
* Gain muscle
* Optimize your cholesterol profile
* Burn fat as fuel when training
* Reduced inflammation
Being guided through the process by me will help you avoid the pitfalls and myths that plague many people’s success. I’ll help you integrate it with your palette and help you craft meals that suit you and your lifestyle.
The adaptation takes place over 3 phases and approximately 3 months. I will oversee your progression from phase to phase integrating your training with the nutrition. At the end of the 3 month period you will have a clear understanding of how to continue to reap the rewards of being fat-adapted.
There are 2 levels of service and both prices cover the full 3 month period:
Basic : $495 // 3 months consulting, dietary prescription and guidance through the 3 phases, fuelling recommendations for training and workout guidance.
Premier : $995 // as per basic plus before and after lactate testing (single sport) and cholesterol screening per phase
Email cg@coachgareth.com or call 858 361 4733 to sign up